AEP Advantages and application
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AEP- 11 main advantages of the all-functional champion are as follows:

1.      High strength

The new type of foaming technology ensures the AEP a firm and stable structure, and the superior ability ofwind resistance.

2.      Fire retardant

Excellent fire resistance, no burning against fire, carbonization with the skin, no droplets.

3.      Warm preservation

The perfect combination of metal, nonmetal and air, highly promotes the AEP heat insulation.

4.      Heat insulation

The combination of optical and thermal principle, highly promotes the AEP heat insulation.

5.      Chemical and weathering resistance

The nano inertia technology ensures the AEP UV and acid and rain resistant, and extend the service life.

6.      Light and low density

AEP adopts the micropore foaming technology, and reduce the weight afford and installation budget a lot, but highly enhance the ability of wind resistance.

7.      Low water absorption

The low water absorption of 1.4%, ensure the AEP a good performance under extreme dampness.

8.      Sound proofing

With a 95% of the closed porosity of the middle core, the AEP obstructs the spreading of sound, and ensure a quiet and peaceful environment.

9.      Classy performance

The length reaches as long as 4.5 meter, which is lofty and elegant for the interior decoration, and unreachable for wood material.

10.    Decoration on both sides

Choose any patterns on both sides of AEP, and make the wall or partition much gorgeous and fabulous.

11.    Easy and simple installation

Use the traditional and normal fabrication tools and techniques to shorten the installation period.


The invention and application of AEP will response the domestic and international design requirements fo energy conservation and firendly environment, making a great effort fo the conseving energy, reducing emission and beautifying the world.

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