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GLOBOND aluminium composite panels are composed of aluminium, PE core and macromolecular lamination film by one-step forming, shaping, cooling and other advanced production technology, which has the characteristic of high strengh and stability, excellebnt surface flatness and smoothness, super peeling strength, etc.





GLOBOND Company strictly executes the ISO9001:2008 quality management systems. We establish a full set of quality control standards, production technical standards and quality warranty systems. From the raw materials coming into the warehouse to the finished products leaving the factory, we have special and professional inspectors to inspect and control the quality. We also establish the on-line production inspection, QC random inspection, lab final inspection system, and adopt one-vote-negative systems during the quality control to create the famous brand continuously. 


         Peeling strength tester             Aging tester and salt spray test machine


       Spectrophotometer                 Coating solvent resistance calcimeter

Chromatic aberration              Coating thickness tester