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1. Panel should be stored in cool, dry and breezy environments.
2. Panel are placed in 10 degree of inner learning position.
3. Panel are put in pairs (top sur face to top surface , bottom surface to bottom surface ).
4. No more than 100 pieces shouldbe laid down on plywood as abase plate for a stack when in the plane position.
Panel should be uplifted with its four borders at the same during transport, do not drag and whop to avoid surface scr atches.
1. Before processing ,
clean the working desk toprevent the panel from beingdamaged.
2. While grooving , the proper cu tter should be selected accor ding to required radian , so the trial cuts should be made prior to grooving to determine any necessary adjustments in layo ut dimension. The polyethylene core of 0.4-0.6mm thickness should be kept for exterior panel .
3. Force equably & slowly , shape once when bending , otherwise panels may rupture.