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GLOBOND Fluorocarbon aluminum panel is made from aluminum alloy supplied by world famous big enterprises. The surface is coated with fluorocarbon PVDF paint of PPG from USA .DGL Camel from Australia or Akzonobel from Netherlands .Fluorocarbon aluminum panel is composed of plate, reinforcement bars and racks etc. Custom thickness: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm Material and structure of Aluminum curtain wall panel


The aluminum curtain wall panel is made of high intensity aluminum alloy plates, the custom thickness is 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm , 3.0mm,4.0mm or above, model 3003 and phase H24 or high class aluminum , the custom max dimension is 1220x2440 (mm). It is composed of plate, reinforcement bars and corner racks. The corner racks can be shaped from plate or punched or riveted at the edge. The reinforcement bars are soldered on back of plate to reinforce intensity and hardness of whole pane, this structure gives the panel better flatness and shock resistance as well as the long lifetime. If you want it to be sound and thermal isolation, we can add sound and thermal isolating material inside the panel.



1The hardness is up to Mohs’ scale 6.0higher than steel but lower than diamond

2Scratch resistant and easy to clean, far better in cleaning than fluorocarbon coating and powder injection. 
3Discoloration proof and environment resistant, it is not discolored under sunshine.

4Alkalinity or acidity resistant and isolation (A grade fireproof level)

5Easy for installation  
6Lifetime up to 50 years with unchanged performance  
7Available for artistical decoration without changing performance.

8Corrosion resistant, salty fog test over 2000 hours.

9Strong chemical corrosion resistant

10It can inhibit bacteria from growing, easy to clean

11The material is produced from mineral substance without any harmful substance;


Lining and measuring—positioning—inspecting materials—pre-installation—main body installation—Enamel aluminum panel installation and adjustment—clean


Installation steps:


1, Measurements

Line and measure the installation place with precision instruments according to construction or installation drawing sheet. Position the base line of installing enamel aluminum panels, double check the data and draw a final installation sheet.


2, Construct main body


The design of main body is adjustable, the steel supports and main body must be connected with mechanical fixings stably and correctly. The measurement deviation of pre-installed parts should not be more than 10mm, the deviation of pre-installed position and designed position should not be more than 20mm. Double check and measure the flatness, verticality, connection and soldering after main body is installed.


3, Transport the enamel aluminum composite panels to the installation spot.


As the panels have different shapes according the construction requirements, it is required to sort the panels and put them independently, the height of piled panels should not be more than 2m.


4, Install enamel aluminum panels


Install panels according to drawing and construction data, install the right panels at the right place, do not cut and process the panels as they have been processed correctly according to drawing and measurements, and install the panels according to colors and patterns required by the construction design. 

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